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October 2020



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The idea behind the festival

Elab Education Festival is an event which celebrates studying abroad. Every year, the festival brings together representatives of universities from all over the world, graduates who have achieved success thanks to their overseas education, parents and, above all, young people who are now starting to plan their adventures with abroad education. Elab Education Festival  is for those who want to get first-hand knowledge about educational opportunities available to them while studying abroad. The unique programme of Elab Education Festival offers a wide range of open lectures, workshops, and motivational speeches. Visitors can participate in discussions and workshops, talk to mentors from the world’s best universities and get a preview of what university life looks like.

universities and exhibitors
lectures and workshops
almost 20,000 visitors

EEF 2019

This was already the sixth annual festival organised by Elab! Our motto this year was Your education, your story.

More details will be given soon. Before we start the countdown, have a look at the EEF 2019 gallery and the film below. Let’s experience this day again! For more information about Elab Education Laboratory and universities and schools from all over the world visit our website. See you soon!

EEF 2020 programme

Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy in Warsaw, October 2020

The programme of EEF 2020 will be available shortly!

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Partner Universities

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